Albert Champion


Champion Ignition Co.

The Champion Ignition Co. was incorporated in October 1908.


Spark Plugs

Albert Champion, joins forces with Buick Motor Co. to make spark plugs for AC Spark Plug Division.


Alfred P. Sloan

United Motors Corp is formed by Alfred P. Sloan, who eventually becomes president and then chairman of General Motors.


Companies Group

When the UMC became part of General Motors, those companies included Delco, Klaxon and Remy Electric Company.


Delco Remy

After being bought out twice since being formed, the Remy brothers merged with competitor Dayton Engineering Labs Co. (Delco) to form Delco Remy.


Champion’s estate

After Albert Champion’s death on October 27, General Motors acquired 100% interest in his company through the purchase of the remaining stock held by Champion’s estate.


Charles A. Lindbergh

AC Spark Plugs are used in Charles A. Lindbergh's transatlantic flight.


General Motors Parts Division

General Motors Parts Division (GMPD) forms in order to consolidate the automaker's parts-marketing activities.


AC Igniter Plugs

AC igniter plugs are used to fire the second- and third-stage rocket engines that propel Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buz Aldrin to the moon.


United Delco Division

United Motor Service changed its name to United Delco Division. Three years later, ACDelco assumed its current identity.


AC-Delco Division

The AC-Delco Division is born with the combination of the United Delco and AC Spark Plug sales organizations.


Developing New Products and Innovations

ACDelco's logo gets a new look to reflect the company's continuing commitment to developing new products and innovations.


ACDelco Battery

Submerged battery passes the ultimate test and still cranks! An ACDelco Battery passed the ultimate test of endurance, it survived more than 50 years on the bottom of Lake Michigan and it still cranks! The Delco-Remy division of General Motors comes from a plane that crashed into Lake Michigan on Feb. 29, 1944.


Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

ACDelco christened a new world headquarters in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA.


100th Anniversary!

100th Anniversary!