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Today's engine demand a lot from an engine oil - thus you should know just the right partner for your engine. ACDelco has been marketing high performance oils and services since & has a strong commitment to quality and innovation. This is reflected from the fact that we offer a strong line of premium mineral based engine oils, gear oils & industrial oils specially formulated for all round protection to your engine. All ACDelco oils are formulated with advanced additive technology of International quality and premium base oils for high performance and an enhanced engine life. ACDelco high performance lubricants are developed with high degree of Process Controls & Quality Checks. Your engine will be protected from the common causes of engine breakdown and stress, and no matter the varying temperatures your vehicle performs in our oil will keep your engine’s moving parts from overheating or freezing throughout the seasons.

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  • Diesel Engine Oil

    Diesel Engine OilToday's diesel engines are more sophisticated than ever before. Design modifications that were made to increase performance and decrease emissions hav...

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  • Petrol Engine Oil

    Petrol Engine OilThe beloved four stroke petrol engine has undergone countless revisions and improvements since 1876 to become the quintessential example of human tech...

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  • Gear Oil

    Gear OilACDelco gear oils are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of automobiles trucks and other machinery. A balanced formulation maintains visco...

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  • Industrial Oil

    Industrial OilManufacturers would want nothing better then maximizing the performance of their machines. Why’s that? Of course to maximize productivity and shorte...

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  • Grease

    GreaseACDelco’s NLGI – 3 lithium base multipurpose grease is a high quality smooth grease for all types of ball, roller bearings and moving parts of mac...

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