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These batteries have a very flexible installation and require very low maintenance.

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  • Crystal   Synthesizing   TechnologyTM
    Special construction allows safe and trouble free operation giving unmatched experience of easy start and longer life.
  • Flexible   Installation
    Means "Fit & Forget".
  • Easy To Handle Ultra Low   Maintenance
    Means "Freedom from regular monthly maintenance, requires very low maintenance".
  • Dry Charged Advantage
    There is very less/minimum need to top-up with the distilled water.
  • Unmatched Capacity
    High Quality and properly balanced ingredients with high performance battery plates are used to produce maximum cranking capacity, efficient current distribution and instant starting.
  • Extra Protection
    Containers and lid are made from tough & high impact resistant plastic, hence it gives protection against shedding of active materials during bumps and vibrations ensuring longer service life
ACDelco Part No.Capacity @
20 Hours (Amp)
Overall Dimensions (MM)Free Replacement
Warranty (Months)
L W Max H
12ACM2.5L-C 2.5 80 70 105 0-18
12ACM5L-B 5 121 61 131 0-18
12ACM9-B 9 137 76 140 0-18
12ACM7-A 8 137 76 134 0-18
IACM2.5L-C 2.5 80 70 105 0-15
IACM5L-B 5 121 61 131 0-15
IACM9-B 9 137 76 140 0-15
IACM7-B 8 137 76 134 0-15

Warranty Policy

  • ACDelco warrants the purchaser/customer for the warranty period specified in Warranty card from the date of purchase. (warranty table attached)
  • The warranty is limited to all defects arising due to faulty material or poor workmanship (The company reserve the right to certify such defects).
  • The purchaser should preserve the original Invoice and warranty card for necessary verification and produce, at the time of warranty claim.
  • In case of any complaint the battery has to be returned to the authorized Dealer /Distributor.
  • Replacement battery has to be collected from the same location. And the customer shall not eligible for any other costs.
  • The right to determine whether a battery needs replacement/rectification rests with the Company.
  • In case of replacement the old battery will become Company’s property.

Exception of Warranty

  • No claim shall be entertained without providing the original warranty card or original invoice.
  • Tampering or overwriting on Warranty card and original invoice shall invalidate the Warranty.
  • Due to normal wear and tear of parts, servicing or improper handling by unauthorized Distributor/dealer.
  • Use for a purpose for which the ACDelco battery is not designed or approved by ACDelco.
  • Any damage during transit, by accident, fire, flood, abuse or misuse or force majeure, etc.
  • Transfer to a third party.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of battery(s) or other consequential damage.
  • Use of additional accessories which can create extra load on battery will not be covered.
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