Coolant (Concentrate & RTU)

Features & Benefits

    ACDelco Coolant Concentrate is a glycol based coolant and heat transferring fluid for I.C.Engines. It needs dilution with distilled / de-mineralised water before putting into the radiator. Provides long term corrosion protection. Excellent heat transfer properties. No silicate drop out or gel formation. Free from phosphate, silicate and nitrite. Applications Recommended in engines blocks manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combination of the two metals. It is particularly recommended for hi-tech engines, where high temperature aluminium protection is important. Also recommended in cooling system made of aluminium or copper alloys.

    Availabe in Pack Size - Green(1:3)- 1, 3, 5, 20, 210 Ltrs
    Green(1:7)- 1,3 Ltrs
    Blue(1:3)- 1, 210 Ltrs
    Red(1:3)- 1 Ltr
    RTU- Green- 1 Ltr & Blue-210 Ltrs

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