New Generation Coolant for Excellent Engine Cooling, Superior Corrosion and Rust Prevention which helps Increase Engine Life and Performance. It also enhances heat transfer process which ensures peak engine cooling & longer life. Its specially formulated inhibitor package protects engine's interior surface from rust corrosion & helps maintain engine's interior sparking clean. ACDelco coolants contain anti-corrosive agents, which prevent rusting of new types of metal components, including new generation vehicle's Aluminum radiators.

Coolant (Concentrate & RTU)

ACDelco Coolant Concentrate is a glycol based coolant and heat transferring fluid for I.C.Engines. It needs dilution with distilled / de-mineralised water before putting into the radiator....

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Radiator Coolant

ACDelco radiatorcoolant meant for tropical conditions, which is Glycol based product having additive for engine offering necessary protection against corrosion, rust, scaling, freezing and other adve...

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