OE Parts

Do you know over 20,000 parts go into making of a single car? And each of these parts, whether small or big, is essential to deliver the best performance of your car. That is why; at ACDelco we take utmost care to ensure highest quality standards for each and every individual part of the GM car. We are exceptionally demanding in our approach to the quality, safety and performance levels of all our products. When quality and your safety are critical, it pays to fit Genuine GM Parts. To make sure that a product is good enough to be a Genuine GM part; it has to conform to specific standards. Any deviation from our standards means it will not be genuine and ultimately not fit or perform on your vehicle. Insist on Genuine Parts & Accessories and you’ll be insisting on value for money, safety and long lasting performance. ACDelco genuine OE parts are available across the country via our very own vast network of over dealer workshops . A hub and spoke distribution system for spare parts ensures availability to the customers through this seamless part supply system. When it’s time to fit parts or accessories to your vehicle…Think ACDelco & Fit Genuine GM Parts.