ACDelco offers a complete and comprehensive range of Maintenance Free batteries. Global leader with a strong heritage in the automative replacement parts industry. ACDelco backs all of its batteries with warranty valid throughout the country. Reliable and dependable network throughtout India. Premium quality,at a competitive price.

Maintenance Free Batteries (MF)

All ACDelco MF Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (Lead Calcium Technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self discharge and thermal runaway, all...

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Low Maintenance Free Batteries (LMF)

High Power Density through accumulated experience in high technology. Negative Plate with Premium Multi- Expanders to optimize plate storage capacity and output performance. ...

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Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA)

Maintenance-free, no water adding required. Sealed Valve-Regulated. Spill proof / leak proof. Deep discharge protection...

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